A big howdy to all of my musician friends. To the folks that don't know me I would like to introduce myself.

  My name is John Anders, owner/manager/engineer/producer of THE SUNNYDAZE PRODUCTIONS studio. The studio is located in Montrose, CO approx. 60 mi. south of Grand Junction, CO and 60 mi. north of Telluride, CO.

  A little bit about me and my history in this crazy music industry.  I started at a young age as a guitar player/vocalist. I had a lot of fun and had several different bands and played any and all gigs.  I have twin brothers which are a few years younger. I taught them a few chords and they had a great ear for music so it wasn't long before we were gigging as THE ANDERS BROTHERS BAND. We played all over the Western Slope of Colorado. After I had become famous, in the performance end of the business (HA HA) I decided to get in the recording business. I always enjoyed recording and purchased a cheap reel to reel recorder when I was very young.  I started purchasing equipment and purchased an old log cabin and turned it into a studio. I started in the 70's with an Ampex 8 track recorder, an analog mixer, a couple of Neumann U87's a couple of Shure 58's and a couple of 57's. I started in the analog age and even though the technology has moved ahead in the digital world, I strive to get that good ol' analog sound.

  I actually started my present studio for my son, Ryan.  Ryan committed suicide in 2008. The studio stood silent for a couple of years and then I began working and building the studio to it's present state.

  I love recording and working with musicians.  My goal is to make every player sound as good as possible.  Another of my objectives is to make every musician feel comfortable and at ease. I have found that if the player is relaxed and not under any pressure they perform so much better, especially vocalist.

  My studio is located in the country with lots of big trees, views of the mountains, and a stream running through the property. Sometimes we take a break from tracking and just go out an sit by the musical stream and relax.

  I want to thank my son Steve Anders for his excellent video work, he is a true professional. A big thanks to my brothers, The Anders Brothers and all of the studio musicians, including but not limited to Bob Becker, bass and mandolin, Kurt Isgreen, guitar and banjo, Tony Kovocic, dobro and vocals, and Johnny Ray, Drums.  They are all very professional and so easy to work with.

Thank You,

             John Anders



In memory of my son Ryan